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The Education System Today

Higher education was originally established as a way to ensure that only the most intelligent people and individuals could go to college and were rewarded with a salary sufficient to support themselves and their families. Those who earned a degree made more money than those who did not, and therefore, most of the time, they took it as a career step toward furthering their wealth. Today, though, it is becoming clear that the educational system of the past was far from perfect, and that most people who are employed in the system have little or no actual understanding of what they are doing.

The primary purpose of this article is to discuss that education that is received from high school through graduate school, and how it has become something of a sham. Although there are some individuals who excel in this particular field, most of the people who go to college don’t really have any idea what it is they are actually getting themselves into. Furthermore, most people who go to college have no idea what kind of life they are really going to be living once they return to the workplace after their studies.

Here is a perfect example of how the higher education system is beginning to erode into a sham. At many universities, every semester starts off with a mandatory orientation seminar. This is a seminar that teaches students, first of all, that they have a new professor that they are supposed to be able to spend four years (or more) with.

The problem is that the professors at many universities have so little experience that they don’t even know who their students are. These students simply go around “teaching” the professors, which is really the same thing as being a student of the professor. After this introductory class, every semester, the classes proceed normally, and all the students have a strange sense of superiority over the other students because they have the privilege of spending their entire four years of schooling with a single professor.

The most important aspect of this is that students have a professor they will be spending four years with. The last thing that anyone wants when they get out of high school is to have to repeat the same four years over again. Therefore, what the orientation seminar does is teach the students to be egotistical. After they complete the orientation course, they can then begin to treat every professor as an equal.

Teachers who are in their fourth year of teaching a class will not have that kind of power over them. They can become one-man-bands, they can choose which classes they want to take, and they can even choose which students they want to meet. For some reason, the point is simply not given to the students to be respected as individuals when they are at college.

The Issues With Higher Education

One of the problems with higher education is that there is very little actual education. There is very little outside of what is actually taught in classes, and it is all geared towards rote memorization of subject matter. In fact, there are very little history and very little philosophy in higher education, and this is the primary reason why it is growing.

  • Since so much of the students’ college experiences involve learning rote memorization,
  • they simply become part of a whole that is meant to have them memorize specific information in an easy manner.
  • The numbers of students who do not really understand that it isn’t necessarily the importance of the subject matter

that matters, but the way in which they can apply it, that is, the flow and the sequence of application. At the end of the day, all that matters is that they get through a certain amount of material and they can then move on to other more “serious” subjects.

It is important to note that most of the students that get through college will never have a job that is as productive as the one that the professors give them. The good news is that many of these students will have the privilege of working as teaching assistants or as students who are merely research assistants. In short, they will not be receiving any kind of wage that would have been possible if they had spent four years in a classroom, and they will have a very limited amount of job security.

What makes many of these students do poorly in graduate school is that they do not have the time to attend class. Many students will simply accept a teaching job within the university for four years and then go back to school at eighteen, with nothing to show for the extra four years. Except that they don’t have a degree.